06 May 2008

That Mister Bae Guy

Whenever I see this guy, be it on the net, on tv, or in the streets (haha), I am reminded of my beloved mom. When Mama's around, I cannot talk hastily about him. All the more, I cannot make fun. I am very much cautious with my tongue when it comes to this guy. My mom reveres him; she could almost worship him (no, that's too much. heheheee). Anyway, I'd like to talk about this guy, my mom, and the love between them.

She first met him in Seoul hotel in April of last year. He was introduced as Frank, Attorney Frank Shin. I guess it was love at first sight. She loved him when she found out what a romantic man he was. She didn't mind at all if her love for Mr. Shin Dong-Hyuk (his name in Korean) was unrequited. And she didn't hate Suh Jin-Young, her (shall I say?) rival. But she believed and loved him for his heart; he gives up everything for love. She loved him all the more because he goes to church (and brought his woman along), has a beautiful body (she nearly fell off her seat when she saw him swim. he was simply hot), is very much wealthy (he's a lawyer, by the way), and intelligent (and poetic; he was the one who said that Faith is believing the impossible). I guess she must have really fallen, and hit hard.
Her love for him never grew cold as the days and months went by. She spent her days learning more and more about him. He was her inspiration for the little joys in life. Because of him, she learned to love television, the net, and chit-chatting about guys (actually, her guy) with her daughter (yes, that's me!) and her friends. One day, in a little island off the coast of Korea (I believe that was in Jeju Isle), she quite unexpectedly came upon him again, now in the form of Kang Joon-Sang (a.k.a. Lee Min-Hyung) . He was the same manly Frank Shin she had always known, just with a different hairstyle and a fresher smile. Too bad Mr. Kang was with another girl, Jung Yu-Jin, at that time in Jeju, sadly trying to recover his memory from his past life (Mr. Shin perhaps? haha. just experimenting with the two different stories). She missed the kind and gentlemanly Mr. Shin. This Mr. Kang (he believed he really was Mr. Lee at that time) was at first so arrogant and brooding. He only got rid of it when he fell in love. And it was unrequited love. Again. As I said, my mom didn't mind it at all. She was simply happy with the fact that the man she loved was happy, though with another woman.
She didn't expect to meet him a third time, but it seems this was their most peculiar encounter ever. She met him under the most unexpected circumstances. She, an ordinary single mom who fell in love with an extraordinary perfect man, actually time-traveled back to ancient Korea. Mr. Shin here, or you might also say Mr. Kang, now has a third alias, Mr. Dam-Deok. It sounds quite awkward and seems they didn't have surnames then, but since we're in this present highly-advancing world, I think it would be fine to add a title of Mister to his name. Now, this Mr. Dam-Deok; he is obviously a totally different creature from head to toe. He has beautifully long hair (we have a similar hairstyle with the bangs and stuff. Heheh. His is longer though). He wears majestic armor, knows how to wield a sword, and gallantly rides his horse! Now that's something the other two didn't have (they had cellphones and computers though). However, Dam-Deok lives in the past. It is a most painful truth that my mom and all her other rivals and sisters in the family have to accept. They, in the present, surely cannot have him, in comparison to Su-Jini. She has captured his heart. Despite that fact, they continue to love him and always will.

Now, till this very solemn moment, it seems I still haven't introduced this fellow for who he really is. But, before I continue, I'd like to clear things up a bit. As proof that I have not felt such feelings of love whatsoever towards the aforesaid man (hmmm. sounds very attorney-like), I have just found out a big blunder (and a few others which Onni-BB didn't specify. heheee. now I can't avoid mentioning her) regarding this narrative I've written for my mom. This big blunder is the solid proof: I have given many reasons for my mom to love the aforementioned guy, when the guy Mr. Kang (or Mr. Lee) himself said, "Love knows no reasons." My mom had confessed herself that until now she doesn't really know why she had fallen for him. And I gave too many reasons (heheee). Another thing. I write this because I love my mom, and feel her intense fiery love for the guy (hehe). One thing I'm sure of though, her love for me and my brother is far more intense, far more fiery than any love she may feel for some guy. I write this because I want to thank my mom for her love.
Thank you, Ma
. I'm really sorry for the many times I've been a disappointment to you. But everyday, I thank God for you. I will never exchange you for any other mom in the world. I love you. Happy Mother's Day:)
And lastly, I want to thank God for this triple-personality guy whom He's brought into my mom's life. This guy made my mom smile again. I'm sure it was quite obvious from the very beginning who this guy is. I don't even have to write his name here, but, because I'm grateful, I'd gladly write it. It's Mr. Bae Yong-Joon.